Mission Statement ~ David’s Drive 831, founded in 2010 is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our veterans and the underprivileged in order to perpetuate the memory of David Brian Turner Jr. by impacting people’s lives positively in his name.

Vision Statement ~ The Board, Committee members and volunteers of David’s Drive 831 Inc. will strive to ensure that our veterans and underprivileged neighbors receive the necessities required to enjoy a better quality of life.

Value Statement ~ The Board, Committee members and volunteers of David’s Drive 831 Inc. while striving to meet the public’s expectations, will overcome barriers and encourage the widest possible community participation, promoting a cooperative spirit, while maintaining the highest possible ethical standards.

Serving Those Who Served For Us

David's Drive 831

Experiencing Joy While Providing Comfort To Others

The Hazel P. Harnish Memorial Award for Excellence in Volunteering, a prestigious local award that commemorates the years of loving and dedicated service of long-time volunteer Hazel Harnish, was presented to David Turner, Sr., Joy Turner and Samantha Turner. Joy Turner accepted the award on behalf of the family.  “Wow. Thank you.  This is a huge surprise.  We do what we do in memory of my son, David, who was a VA employee.  David used to tell us what an honor it was to work with veterans who sacrificed so much for our freedoms.  I’m overwhelmed.” 

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David’s Drive 831. David's Drive 831 is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) public charity committed to improving the quality of life for hospitalized and homeless veterans and people in need in the community. David's Drive 831 (DD831) was created in memory of David Turner Jr. who died suddenly at the age of 20 of a suspected heart arrhythmia. David had worked at the Coatesville VA Medical Center and had a tremendous respect for the veterans he served; many were homeless, in early recovery and came to the hospital without essentials. David had a vision to provide these veterans with these items.