From the time David was able to answer on his own when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” David’s answer was always, “I want to be a hero”. When he was young David was the only person we knew who would walk across a four lane highway to shake the hand of military personnel and say, “Thank you”. Throughout high school he served in the AFJROTC; he was in charge of the Visitation Program at the Coatesville V.A. and took much pride in that. When David was 17 years old, a senior in high school and in his final year of AFJROTC, he met with military recruiters. David wanted to become a hero and wanted to serve our country. Being over-protective parents we asked David to make a deal with us, he would wait one full year after graduation before enlisting in the military. As the year progressed, David got a full time job, bought a new car, and fell in love. David got a job with the Coatesville VA, he loved his job and veterans he served.

David Brian Turner Jr.  5/22/1989 – 12/16/2009, for that time the world was a better place. Known for his firm handshake and ready smile. A very respectful and caring young man, always willing to lend a hand, or a shoulder to cry on. David wanted to be a hero all his life, the volunteering he did, the advice he gave, the veterans he served, and the ultimate donation he gave, the gift of life. He was an amazing family member, and a friend to all, our world is not the same without him. David, you are missed every day, you will never be forgotten, and you will always be in our hearts. Our Hero, 831

This is the last photo taken of David B Turner Jr. David died December 16, 2009. He had me take this photo as we were putting the lights on the Christmas tree. He sent it to his mom at work, to remind her, 11 days till Christmas. David was going to play Santa for the Veterans at the Coatesville, VA the next day. He was done Christmas shopping weeks ago and all of his gifts were wrapped in the corner of his room. He wore his Philadelphia Eagles Santa hat all day every day starting December 1st, he was so excited, David loved Christmas. David loved his family and friends, David was a son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, best friend, boy friend, roll model and hero. He loved to play and watch sports, he loved play station and jamming to heavy metal music, he loved people and making them laugh, he was just plain entertaining at times. He could be a pain in the neck and was very good at getting under your skin, if he liked you. He would do random goofy things and you couldn’t help but laugh. He would listen to what you had to say and he cared. David loved kids and veterans and they loved him back because he was genuine. He was a man of his word, he would look you in the eye and give you one of the strongest handshakes you ever got unless you were a woman and then you were going to remember his bear hug. He waved to everyone, the neighbors used to call him “The Mayor”. David never got the chance to be a husband, father or an uncle but he would have been a special one, he was very protective of the people he loved. David was a strong, responsible man who knew how to work, in 2007 David bought a brand new Dodge Caliber and he paid it off in 2 years. The day he died, he received a call from his realtor informing him that the bid that David put on a house in Parkesburg, PA was accepted and he would soon be a home owner. David volunteered for East Fallowfield Park Day Fishing Tournament and the West Chester Baptist Church WOW Camp. David was an organ/tissue donor and on Christmas Eve 2009 we received a letter from the Gift of Life informing us that David corneas were used to give someone a special gift, the gift of sight. Can’t say that letter made us happy but it did give us one more reason to be proud. The day David died, he just returned from work, sitting in his parked car in the driveway with his Eagles Santa hat on talking to his girlfriend on the phone. David was plucked from this life, no reason he just died, on one of the happiest days of his life, 20 years old. Suspected heart arrhythmia is listed as cause of death on his death certificate. Although David's heart stopped, the love in his heart lives on through his charity, and when you witness the effect his love has on people, you know it lives on. David, you are missed every day and will be loved forever, you are always in our hearts. 831

David worked hard, he paid off his car and began to look into purchasing a home of his own, a fixer-upper that would become a project for him and his dad. David, at the age of 20, was up for the challenge. The morning David died he received a phone call from his realtor informing him that the seller accepted his bid and the house was his. David was happy; he loved life, his girlfriend, and his job. When people asked him what he did, he would tell them, “I serve those, who served for us” and from what we have heard, he did his job with pride and purpose and made a difference for the veterans at the VA. We have come to the conclusion that our son was a hero, in a way he did serve his country, by serving veterans.

On December 16th 2009 at 5:45pm, my wife came home from work and found my 20 year old son unresponsive in his car in the driveway, he had just returned from work, his doors were locked and the engine was running. She called into the house for help, my 18 year old daughter and I ran outside to try to help. I shook the car to try to get my son to wake up, he did not. I punched out his window and dragged him onto the driveway where my wife and I performed C.P.R. on him until the emergency medical personnel arrived. The ambulance transported him to Brandywine Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 6:40 pm. Even after an autopsy, the coroner could find nothing that caused David’s death; he was perfectly healthy, the cause of death was documented as a suspected heart arrhythmia. David graduated ,in 2007,  from Coatesville High School located in Coatesville, PA . David worked at the Coatesville VA Medical Center and was saddened to learn that many of the veterans he served had to do without items he considered essential; underwear, socks, t-shirts and personal items. David had a vision to change that, in David’s memory, with your help, we will.