January 7, 2016 David’s Drive 831 purchased its 267th new bed for a homeless Veteran moving into his first apartment. Today we  received a thank you card from that Veteran explaining that he is doing a lot better now, included with the card was a very special $20.00 donation. This is what it’s all about. January 10, 2017 we purchased bed #350.           

your household essentials were a god-send since I moved in my apartment. The household things like broom and bucket. I spent the budgeted monies and was afraid of an untidy house.

Thank you,

Mr. D

Thanks a lot! for helping the vets, I enjoy the bed very much! G.F.

Dear David's Drive

Thank you for the bed and move in kit. Thank you for your kindness. I only knew your son briefly but he has left a lasting impression on all of us. He still serves those who served for all - A

Dear David's Drive, My name is Joseph and I'm a Vietnam Era veteran. Recently I received help moving into a new Apt. through The Coatesville, VAMC. The things David's Drive provided as an "apartment warming package" were/are very helpful and nice. Thank you and May the Good Lord bless you in all that you do. Sincerely, Joseph

After three back surgeries and two knee surgeries i thought my sleep would forever be "iffy”. Thanks to your generosity, I envision many restful nights--i am more grateful then words can express, but I’ll try. My back thanks you, my knees thank you, and, most of all, I thank you for your kindness to an old veteran. You and yours will be in my prayers henceforth.

David's Drive 831

Helping Veterans Because We Should