your household essentials were a god-send since I moved in my apartment. The household things like broom and bucket. I spent the budgeted monies and was afraid of an untidy house.

Thank you,

Mr. D

Thanks a lot! for helping the vets, I enjoy the bed very much! G.F.

Dear David's Drive

Thank you for the bed and move in kit. Thank you for your kindness. I only knew your son briefly but he has left a lasting impression on all of us. He still serves those who served for all - A

After three back surgeries and two knee surgeries i thought my sleep would forever be "iffy”. Thanks to your generosity, I envision many restful nights--i am more grateful then words can express, but I’ll try. My back thanks you, my knees thank you, and, most of all, I thank you for your kindness to an old veteran. You and yours will be in my prayers henceforth.

Dear David's Drive, My name is Joseph and I'm a Vietnam Era veteran. Recently I received help moving into a new Apt. through The Coatesville, VAMC. The things David's Drive provided as an "apartment warming package" were/are very helpful and nice. Thank you and May the Good Lord bless you in all that you do. Sincerely, Joseph

I need to express my great appreciation for your dedication, commitment, countless hours and love dedication to serving all veterans!!  MAY you. and your family accept my.sincere. THANK YOU!! This  holy Christmas, May peace, Love and JOY come in abundance!!!!! I pray, 2018 also be abundantly blessed and prosperous in LOVE, May your hearts always be content!!!!!!!. Again, I THANK YOU!!  Vet. Brian

 January 7, 2016 David’s Drive 831 purchased its 267th new bed for a homeless Veteran moving into his first apartment. Today we  received a thank you card from that Veteran explaining that he is doing a lot better now, included with the card was a very special $20.00 donation. This is what it’s all about. January 10, 2017 we purchased bed #350.           

Thank you for the Christmas gift. It had many things in that can be used right away. May your Christmas be Bright, Maria